Leadership You Can Trust.

  • As the ten-year owner of Contractors Best Pest Solution in Gwinnett County, Sammy Baker has the business experience we need in leaders at the Capitol. As a businessperson, Sammy is a conservative who knows how to stretch a dollar, balance budgets and meet a payroll. As our Senator, he’ll put taxpayers first, support our Second Amendment rights and protect life. Sammy and his wife, Susan, have four children and two grandchildren. The Bakers live in Stonewood Forrest subdivision and are active members of 12Stone Church where they are ushers.”
  • Term Limits for Legislators
    Sammy Baker will work to pass legislation limiting the terms that state legislators can serve. Americans need to regain control of our government at all levels. Government should be run by private citizens, not by special interests.
  • Term Limits for Commissioners
    As our new state senator, Baker will sponsor local legislation limiting the terms that Gwinnett County Commissioners can serve to two terms. Now more than ever, Gwinnett citizens deserve to know that our Commissioners serve us – not the other way around.
  • Leadership to Keep Gwinnett’s 287g in Effect
    Sammy Baker will support Gwinnett County’s 287g program to keep illegal immigrants who are arrested for crimes off our streets. Thousands of illegal immigrants who are arrested for crimes have already been turned over to federal officers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation, helping keep Gwinnett safe. Sammy will oppose efforts by liberal Democrats to end the 287g program.
  • Smaller Government to Protect Homeowners
    As a conservative, Sammy Baker will protect homeowners’ rights. Local and state governments should not limit the individual rights of homeowners. We need less government intervention in our lives. As a small business owner, Sammy will protect Gwinnett homeowners from big government.
  • Create More Jobs
    Right now we are short thousands of trade jobs that the Chamber is bringing to Georgia. As our next state senator, Sammy will fully fund trade approved courses in high schools and technical colleges to improve our work force.
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
    Sammy will drive down healthcare costs as our next state senator. All hospitals and doctors will be required to post prices for procedures whether you are in or out of the network.

Pro-Life. Pro-Family. Pro-Taxpayer. Pro-Second Amendment.